Ecuador’s Vibrant Port City of Guayaquil

Cecilia Lyons Gaffaney, MD, is a respected Dallas OB/GYN who has a passion for travel. She recently had the opportunity to travel to the Andes in Peru and to Ecuador. In addition to taking in the natural sights of the Galapagos Islands, Dr. Cecilia Gaffaney spent time in Ecuador’s largest city, Guayaquil.

With a population of nearly 4 million, Guayaquil serves as the country’s major port and is one of the largest shipping destinations on South America’s Pacific Coast. Major exports include agricultural products such as cacao, shrimp, coffee, and bananas.

In recent years, Guayaquil largely shed its image as a city with high crime rates and emerged as a city with a vibrant downtown and waterfront area. The city has a long colonial past extending to the early 16th century, but the city experienced a major earthquake in 1942 that destroyed many of its historic buildings. The Las Penas historic barrio continues to offer a charming feel of the old riverfront city, while the major development Malecon combines shopping centers with spacious riverside gardens and plazas. In addition, the metropolitan area boasts a number of leading universities with a lively, multicultural arts scene.

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